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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Shopping Guiding of Wigsbuy 5th Anniversary for Women Wigs Sales

Are you a wigs lover or collector? If you are, this is a good time to buy the wigs online. I know a site - wigsbuy online store. It is in order to thank the consumers support it, now it is celebrating the 5th anniversary activities. Here you will enjoy a big discount and save more money to you. The Wigsbuy 5th anniversary activities it totally have 4 rounds. It has the short wigs, lace front wigs, human hair wigs, mid- length wigs and more. Almost every wigs has the discount or coupons from wigsbuy. Now I give you the information of the activities:
  • The 5th anniversary Warm up: Short wigs + lace front wigs up to 85% off, it about 5 days, 
  • The 5th anniversary Wave One: Human hair wigs + Wave wigs up to 85% off, over $59 (5% off) and also get the 5 code; over $99 (10% off) and also get the 10 code. Get more and have high discount. 
  • The 5th Anniversary Wave Two: Mid-length Wigs + Capless Wigs Up to 90% off; Plus Any order 8% Off  Code:  MIDAPRIL    
  • 5th Anniversary Wave Three: Human Hair Wigs+ Curly Wigs Up To 90% Off


Every activity is about 7 days. So on the April, you can choose any wigs that you like. Differ time has differ wigs activity. So please seize the opportunity, get the fashion women wigs to you. Every year has one time, so join in quickly! Many surprising are waiting for you!


Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Protect and Care for a Wig?

More and more people pursue the fashion or change another hairstyle or colors, but they could not to hurt their wigs, so wear the wigs is very popular in these times. Practically every fashion girls own the wigs on their wardrobe. As far as I know, the human hair wigs have a little expensive for us. If you have the wig which is your favorite and get not easily, I think you must cherish it and care it very carefully. How to protect and care for the fashionable wigs? Wigsbuy online store can give you some suggestion, the details are:

When you wear the wigs, if you feel it has a little chaos, you need to the comb to brush it. But it doesn’t need combed every day. While you're staying at home, take it off and put it on a wig stand. Do not put it on the dress table. The stand will help keep its shape and taking it off your head takes away from your own tugging and pulling hairs out. Washing the wigs regularly, not to wash it every day or every weeks, the best time is when you wear it about 25 times. You can wash it as same as your hair, not use the normal shampoo, conditioner, please use the professional shampoo for the wigs. After washing a wig, do not shake it in a towel. Be careful and dry it piece-by-piece. This makes sure that strands of fibers don't fall off. Also, never wear your wig when it's wet. The wet-to-style hair will can be damage your wig. Especially, you can condition your hair every couple weeks or so, to keep it shiny and soft. Make sure you don't do that every day and be sure to rinse it all out or it could lead to build-up in your wig.

I hope you can grasp the suggestion to protect your wigs. If your wigs are old and not to wear, or you want to change another hairstyle, please come in wigsbuy.com. A collection of wigs and discounts are waiting for you, it can give you a best service and high quality to you!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to Wear a Cosplay Wig?

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In modern time, cosplay is very famous and popular. Many cosplay lovers will wear the costume and cosplay wigs to perform every year. In Europe, a lot of people wearing the costume and cosplay wigs on Halloween. So more and more people buy the cosplay wigs to celebrate the festival or perform. As the most cosplay wigs are high-quality works of art intended for wear with the same costume for years at a time. Wearing a cosplay wig properly is as simple as remembering to put on a wig cap (which hides your natural hair), putting the wig on properly and pinning it in place. And how to wear the cosplay wigs quickly and beautiful? Now I will give you some steps:
1. Put on the Wig Cap. Wet your hair thoroughly. If it's too long, twist it into a ponytail at the nape of your neck and then flip that ponytail so that it lies up against your head.
2. Pull a wig cap on. Start from the back of your head if you have a lot of hair in a ponytail. This is where having the ponytail flipped up toward the top of your head helps keep it. If you have short hair, just pull the wig cap on.
3.Putting on the Wig, hold the wig with both hands, backs of your hands facing together, fingers inside the wig and thumbs outside the wig.
4. Place the wig's scalp line against your forehead, just above your eyebrows.
5. Pull the back of the wig down until it covers the back of your wig cap. The wig will stretch to accommodate any extra hair that you've stuffed into the back of your wig cap.
6. Start piercing hairpins through the wig, the wig cap, and into your hair below. Using the pins, be careful not to poke yourself in the scalp; the more pins you put in, the more stable your wig should be.
7. Finally, to make sure the wig is firmshaking your head vigorously from side to side, if everything is ok, the wig wear perfectly, please glad to take part in your party. Have a good time on your party!

By the way, if you want to buy the cosplay wigs, please join in wigsbuy.com. Here offers all kinds of fashionable and unique cosplay wigs to you, besides that, many discounts are waiting for you!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What Hair Color is Popular on 2017?

With the developing of fashion, more and more people are pursued fashion. Our life is not only black and white, you can also have other colors to enriched. So in the holiday put on a new hairstyle and contracted a new fashion hair color, you will be more tide. What color is popular on 2017?

The first one, it is the brown hair color. Get the rid of dull life, in the new year, a long haired girl who may wish to have a bright brown hair color, not only fashionable, but also very extravagance. The color will make your appearance suddenly become more distinctive, gives a profound impression.

The second color, it is from dark brown to light golden. When the color over your hair, your hair will become more personality and good-looking? So the young and fashionable girls will get a new one like it.

Flax color hair is still hot in 2017, hair color, flax color fashion simple, color and luster, people look to feel very comfortable, and very white skin. No matter what you hairstyle, you can try to dye linen, it can make you more beautiful.

2017 is also very popular gradient hair color, such as this platinum gradient partial purple hair is very fashionable and giving a special feeling fresh and elegant.

2017 has many popular hairstyles color, this is just one or four. If you like the color, you can get them on wigsbuy.com. If you want to learn more about 2017 popular hair color information, please continue to pay attention the Wigsbuy.com. Maybe you can pay attention my blog

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to care your wigs from getting so tangled?

Do you own the fashion and popular full lace women wig? If you have, I think you must cherish it. Because the wigs have the high quality and make you differ than before, maybe the wigs have spent many dollars in Wigsbuy. I think you are very boring when they become matted, shedding, tangled, and poofy? Do you need to revive a full lace wig for a special event because you don't have the money to get on a new one?

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 Now I give you some suggestions when you abused your wigs and want to turn things around? You can use the hairs care products to prevent your wigs, such as: silicon mix, bleach bath, horse products, apple cider vinegar. When you clean your wigs, you can use them on it, when you use the chemical materials, you must control the temperature. Different chemical materials have different effects. These ways will make your wigs have the magical change. So pay attention the steps of the hairs care products. If your full lace wig is shedding terribly then here is the perfect solution for you.

I hope your wigs become more beautiful and neat, if you no ways to care your wigs, you can buy a new one on wigsbuy.com. We will give you a high discount and best quality to you! If you have some doubts you can call their service, then will give you a satisfying answer.