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Thursday, February 23, 2017

What Kind of Hair for Heart-shaped Face?

Do you want to change your hairstyles? I think choose the suitable hairstyle is very important for you. The correct hairstyle can show you fashion, temperament, and give other people a good impression. So how can you choose a hairstyle for your face? Because different people have different faces, such as: round face, heart-shaped face, long face and more. Now I will tell you what hair style for the heart-shaped face.
The heart-shaped face are named "inverted triangle face", which is probably the favorite girls nowadays, forehead slightly wide and chin tip, showing the delicate charm of temperament.The most suitable hairstyle for inverted triangle face such as: Oblique bangs: sharp if the awning chin is easy to become the focus of vision, slender Liu Hai can be successful attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

The sense of the level of bangs: Cut out the length of the eyebrows in the vicinity and has a rounded sense of the bangs can highlight the head of the sense of depth, so that the forehead on both sides of the prominent part is not too obvious.
Short Hair: the top and forehead of the hair slightly longer and the back of the pixie cut head is suitable for heart-shaped face you.

Long Hair: to make hair around the chin and make the volume, curve shape just to make up the tip of the chin to give people a sense of distance.
So if you are interested those styles of the hair, please do it quickly, if you are not cut off your hair, you can wear a wig, it the same things. Maybe you can buy them on wigsbuy.om. Many wigs are waiting for you! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why Should A Person Buy Pixie Cut Human Hair Wigs

Hair is one of the most important factors for how you look. Different hair style can make you look differently and to some degree it can hide your disadvantages. For professional women, they may want to look tough in work. As it is known to all that long hair can make a woman look mild and patient, while short hair can make you look tough.

Wigs can be a easy way for a person to change hairstyle since it does not need you to cut off your long hair or wait for your short hair to grow long. It cannot only be helpful for bald people but also can be a chance for one to change his or her look. 

Today, we would like to recommend you some pixie cut hairstyle which can make you look tough.